If you list PDF tickets on StubHub, you don't have to sell all the tickets in the file. You can split the file and choose which tickets to sell.


Split a PDF file while listing
  1. Under What type of tickets are you selling? choose PDF tickets and you're Ready to upload
  2. Click Upload tickets to find the file on your computer. Double-click the file and click Next.
  3. Make sure the info on the left matches the ticket shown on the right
  4. Click the X to remove extra tickets you're not listing and Confirm
  5. Continue until you list your tickets


Split a PDF file on an existing listing or sale
  1. Go to My tickets > Listings or Sales
  2. Under the listing or sale, click Upload tickets and find the file
  3. Choose which tickets you want to keep and which ones you're selling or already sold
  4. Click Continue and follow the steps


Split a PDF file on a desktop
  1. Open the PDF file and File > Print
  2. Change the Printer to Print to PDF or similar
  3. Under Pages to Print choose Pages and indicate which page you want to save. Click Print.
  4. Change the file name and save