When you list NFL tickets on StubHub after the schedule is released, you'll have the option to enter the barcodes later for some teams.

  • Once the NFL releases tickets to the original buyers, we'll tell you when you must enter the barcodes. If you don't enter them, your listing will expire. Check out the list of teams you need to enter barcodes.
  • After the NFL releases the tickets, you can't finish listing NFL tickets until you enter barcodes
  • If the exact section, row, and seats don’t match the barcodes you entered, StubHub may remove your listings from the site. We may charge you for any orders that can’t be delivered because of mismatched barcodes and seat details.
  • Some seats are restricted, which means you won’t be able to list them on StubHub. If you’re having trouble listing, use these troubleshooting steps.

Getting the barcodes on your NFL tickets and creating a listing on StubHub

Step #1: Find each ticket's barcode

  1. You can find the barcodes on the physical tickets, online in your season ticket account (if you own season tickets), or your team account (if you bought single game tickets)
  2. Sign into the team account and find where you can manage your tickets
  3. Find the game you're listing and the ticket details
    • You'll see a string of numbers and characters called the barcode number. Use this to list.

Don't see the barcode numbers? Reach out to your NFL team's account representative for help.

Step #2: Find your ticket's exact section, row, and seat info

  • This is near the barcodes in your team's account or on the physical tickets
  • For help, contact your NFL team's account representative

Step #3: Listing your tickets on StubHub using a mobile web browser or computer

  1. Click Sell from the home page (and tell us what you're selling)
  2. Tell us the number of tickets you're selling
  3. To deliver the tickets to a buyer, click I'll enter now. In the popup box:
    • Enter the section, row, seat, and barcode info for each ticket exactly as it appears in your season ticket or team account

    • StubHub will verify each barcode you enter. If it matches, you'll see a green check mark and can continue listing your ticket.

  4. Choose the price you want to list your tickets for
  5. You must have a valid credit card on file. Enter your card details and choose a preferred payment method (see below to make sure your info is correct).
  6. Click Create listing

Make sure your payment method is in your StubHub account

  1. Go to Profile > Settings
  2. Under Payment options for selling tickets, choose how you'd like to get paid:
    • Direct deposit: Add your bank account info if you haven't already (if you're a Canadian seller, direct deposit may be available)

    • PayPal: Double-check your PayPal email is right